About Us

We started this service in 2002 for the shipment of anything and everything Made in Japan. NOW, WE have hundreds of customers in many countries. They range from one CD customers to a full 20 feet or 40feet container shipment customers. We have grown into a team of 6 members who try hard every day to meet up the expectations of our customers. The regular team members include Azuma, Ito, Yoshikawa, Inoshita, Saitoh and Sadaf.

Here is a couple pictures of our Warehouse Front and a Loaded Container bound for Australia.

Regular Shipment Service Customers

We purchase and ship merchandise for these customers from Yahoo Japan Auctions with our Auto bid system and shops and websites around Japan. The products are usually few in number and they are shipped either by Japan Post or Fedex, depending on the type, weight and size of items. Besides Japan Post and Fedex, we also make arrangements for LCL or less container load shipments by sea/boat.

Container Shipment Service Customers

This category of our customer base usually request shipments every 2-3 months. This is a business group category. We buy items for them on a daily basis. As soon as we have enough products and merchandise thats enough to fill a 20 feet or 40 feet container, we prepare the shipment, load it into the container, and forward all the required documents for loading the container on a ship for delivery.
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Further Information

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details on what we do. If your questions are not answered, please use the Contact Uspage or the Live Support for your questions. We would be very much willing to answer any of your queries and questions.
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Company Details

AA Japan Trading, Co. Ltd

MainOffice: #4-208-2, Sakae Inamachi Kita Adachigun, Saitama, Japan. 362-0805

Warehouse:#102, 1565-1, Kurohama, Hasuda Shi, Saitama, Japan, 349-0101

Phone: 048-764-1239, Fax: 048-722-7571 or use Contact Us form.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30pm


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