Payment Info for Yahoo Japan Auctions

A handling charge of 5 % will be added to all payments that we receive for Yahoo Japan Auctions. This is the transaction fee that we have to pay for receiving the payment from you. This 5% charge applies to all forms of payments except bank wire transfers, eurogiro, western union, and international postal money orders. For bank transfers, there is a $25-$45 wire transfer fee that our bank charges us

We use paypal exchange rate minus 1 yen per US$/GBP/EURO/AU$ etc.

Methods of Payment

We accept a number of payment methods to make the shopping experience from Japan to international customers faster, easier and cheaper.


We accept Paypal payments in US Dollars and all other major currencies. However, we prefer US$ and if you have US$ in your account, they will be accepted. We will accept only verified and confirmed US and UK paypal users. For other countries, it cannot be confirmed, so non confirmed but verified accounts are accepted. All payments from non verfied accounts will be refunded.

Payments for paypal are accepted only from single user and single addresses. We do not accept payments from two accounts. The address on your paypal account must match the shipping address for your order. We will ship ONLY to your address on paypal. We will not ship to your office, parents, wife or any other address. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. We follow this policy for the protection of our customers and ourselves. Our paypal account info is located on the first page when you log in to your account. Please use the sign up form to log in to our Yahoo Japan Auction services .

All larger payments are accepted by bank transfers only. This applies to larger car parts, electronics and video games customers. If the you think the final payments will reach over a $1000 or so, we most probably would refuse paypal payments and request for making bank payments. We may also consider the options of Western Union, Eurogiro or monebookers payments.

Credit Card Payment Using Paypal

Yes, you can use your credit card to make payments through Paypal. If you are a member of Paypal, you know what to do. If you are not, then please check out Once you sign up with Paypal and register and confirm your credit card information, you can use your Paypal account to pay Mail Order Japan for subsequent orders without typing your credit card information each time you order. Paypal is supposedly the biggest online transaction processing company. They are owned by According to paypal, they have over 150 million users.

International Money Orders

Please contact us if you are planning on sending an IPMO. We accept IPMOs from a number of countries.

Money Orders from USA

We accept United States Postal Service International Money Orders (IMO). You can get them from your local post office. They are fast, cheap (cost only $3.25) and does not cost us anything. The IPMO is pink/red in color (the regular US domestic one is green). Please send the pink/red one ONLY. The green one is useless here and cannot be used. 

Once you get the IPMO from the Post Office, send it as a registered mail yourself. If the US Post Office sends it for you, it will take longer because they will send the IPMO to a central location for more paper work.

Money Orders from Canada

International postal money order - Yen transfers only. Please tell your local post office that you want to send the international postal money order to Japan   

Europe and Other countries

We accept International Money Orders and Eurogiro from all other countries. You may send us whichever is more convenient and cheaper to you. All money orders must be in US Dollars or Japanese Yen.  

EUROGIRO, Western Union and Moneybookers

Eurogiro,Western Union and moneybookers are also very reliable and faster. A number of our customers send payments using these services. Once you are ready, just send us and email and we will give you our address and other needed info. Please use the contact form if you would need more info. 

For more information regarding these payment service providers for your country, please visit their homepage. You will get answers to all your questions there. Just ask for sending payments to Japan. Please transfer the amount only after you receive an email from us that will show you the grand total including the item price and shipping and handling.


We also accept US Dollars and Euros in cash. We do not encourage cash, but on many occasions we do accept it. For your own protection, hide the currency in an envelope and send it ONLY by registered mail. We will not be responsible for any lost letters with cash under any circumstances. You are sending cash at your own risk.

Warning: Personal Checks and Bank Drafts

Money orders from banks or private cash services WILL be returned because it is impossible for us to cash them in Japan . Personal checks aren't used in Japan at all. Our Bank takes at least 15 days to process the check or bank draft from you and costs between $25-$40. Please no personal checks and bank drafts under any circumstances. They are extremely inconvenient and cause unnecessary delay in processing your orders. Go to your Local Post Office and order an International Postal Money Order (IPMO) in US Dollars or Japanese Yen. This is extremely important.

Bank Transfers

All larger payments are accepted by bank transfers only. This apply to larger car parts and electronics and video games customers. If the payment is over a $1000, we most probably would refuse paypal payments and request for making bank payments. Keep in mind that our bank charges from $25 to $45 depending on your location. This fee range varies due to the route the payment will take. If the payment is direct to our bank, the fee is usually $25. If your bank has a partnership with another bank in Japan, then the fee will come to around $45. We use both Mizuho Bankand Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Banks in Japan. Please check with your bank regarding the payment route. 

For most large payments, some of our car parts customers, we require them to make their payments only by bank transfer. These are usually large payments and they are paid for large and heavy items that cannot be shipped by the regular post office. Please look at our car parts section for Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Why is the foreign exchange rate different from what I see in the newspaper?

Please do not make the currency conversion yourself using any of the online currency converters or the rates seen on TV/Newspapers. We use the paypal foreign exchange rate minus 1 yen per currency unit. This rate changes daily and we adjust our rate accordingly. This rate is still subject to change if the foreign exchange market is very unstable. Foreign exchange rates displayed and used for your International Transaction will differ from the rates that you may see in the newspaper, on the Internet, or on television. Published foreign exchange rates are often the interbank rates, which banks charge each other for transactions valued at $1,000,000.00 or more.


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