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Used Cars from Yahoo Japan Auctions

We are probably the only service providers in Japan who bring the cars from dealer auctions and end users together for our customers. Yahoo Japan auctions gives our customers the opportunity to buy cars directly from common Japanese people. The cars are up for consumption in Japan and you will be paying almost exactly the same amount of price as regular Japanese buyers. We are have a very good experience in yahoo Japan auctions and we have been providing auctions services to our customers for over four years. 

The beauty of our car auctions and yahoo Japan auctions is that you can combine the plus points of both worlds. If you are buying a car and you need some high quality wheels or some other parts for the car, you can use both of our services. We would be glad to arrange putting the wheels into the car for you. 

This combination of yahoo Japan auctions car parts and Cars from Car auctions and yahoo Japan auctions is a unique service that can save you from 100s to 1000s of dollars. Besides the huge number and variety of cars parts from yahoo Japan auctions, there are 100s of shops on yahoo Japan and off line that we can contact for some of the parts that you probably cannot locate easily. Please check our yahoo auctions car parts services. 

You can see over 20,000 cars on any given day. As a customer, you also have access to all the details of Japan cars like any Japanese bidder. There are some good and bad aspect of bidding on cars from Yahoo Japan auctions. The good aspect of cars from yahoo japan is direct access to wide variety of cars at the local market price. The bad aspect of cars from YJA is that you have to rely 100% on the description of the seller. The check is not verified by trained engineers like in Used Japanese Cars Auction houses in Japan and most cars are sold as used with clearly no return policy. Once you bid on a car, its yours. 

We encourage our customers to place bids on cars that are within the greater Tokyo region. You are bidding on these cars absolutely at your own risk and we will not be responsible for whatever you get. Please read our terms and conditions for sales of cars purchased from yahoo Japan auctions.


Japanese Used Cars Auction houses offer the best cars for your needs. They are dealer to dealer auctions for used cars. We can assist you with your car needs for your personal and business needs. Please check out our car auction services.

Car Dismantling

Car Dismantling Services and Facilities

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