Bidding Tips

Our bidding Process

A handling charge of 5 % will be added to all payments that we receive for Yahoo Japan Auctions. This is the transaction fee that we have to pay for receiving the payment from you. This charge applies to all forms of payments that we receive from our customers.


  1. For our Yahoo Japan Auctions services, please make sure you have at lease 50% deposit of your max pricewith us. The system will not allow you to bid if we dont have a deposit from you.

  2. If you have the deposit, place a bid on the automatic bidding system. You can bid on as many items as your deposit can support .

  3. Once you are done bidding, send us an email that you are done with bidding and request for the invoice.
  4. We will prepare your invoice as soon as all of your items have arrived in our office. Some sellers are slow and may take longer. We are usually fast on this.

  5. Once you receive the invoice, you are required to pay the balance within one week time period. If you do not pay within that time period, there will be a $1 per day late fee.

  6. Once we receive the confirmation of your payment, your package will be shipped ASAP, usually within 24-48 hours.


Bidding TIPS for our Yahoo Japan Auctions services

  1. Always make sure you have a deposit with us or else the system will either not allow to bid or give you an error message. If you don't have a deposit with us, then send the deposit first and then send us an email to inform us about the deposit. This means at least one less email for you and us

  2. Make sure whether the automatic bidding system can bid on the item or not. There are some occasions when the automatic bidding system wouldn't function. Please check bidding errors at the end of this page. 

  3. Based on our experience over the last two years, we assume that all of our customers cannot ready Japanese. Therefore, as customers you guys need to be extra extra careful to avoid bidding on items that you may not want. For example, one of our regular customers bid on item that had 6 games in auction. Naturally, he won the item for a very low price. However, after reading the auction carefully, he found out that there were no game CDs included. The auction was just for the CD cases and the manuals. Please please always try your best to avoid this type of innocent mistakes. 

  4. Use the translation tools to your advantage that are available out there. There are quite a few available. Please check out our translate section. You will get some useful info there. 

  5. If something is too good to be true, then its probably is true. If you suspect something like this, the best you can do is to either avoid it or check the same item from other sellers and see if the price difference is too much or not. This happens usually on up Yen 20,000 items. This kind of items are usually “Buy it now” and they usually have more than 1 quantity listed.

  6. Bid the max price you are willing to pay the first time you bid whether its 5 days in advance or 5 minutes in advance. Increasing your bid price at the last moment bit by bit will get you in a bid war and will escalate the price. Our experience says that if you give you most realistic price the first time, a lot of other bidders will give up earlier. 

  7. If you would still like to bid at the very last moment, you can use our Snipe Bidding Service . However, we will be putting your MAX bid price once only. Our system will not allow us to bid multiple times. 

  8. Before you place a bid, please make sure you read the whole item info very carefully. Once you place a bid, its yours. It cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.



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