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There are two kinds of shipping charges involved in using our Yahoo Auction Services or Special Shopping Services. Local and International Shipping. MOJ charges you the exact shipping charges. For example, if the local shipping charges for your item are $1.50 (this is the minimum), you pay $1.50 and if your local shipping charges are $10, you pay $10. Similarly, if your international shipping costs you $12, you pay $12 and if costs more, you will pay more. Local shipping shipping charges varies from sellers to seller and are mostly dependent on the size of the box and weight. For international shipping, please check out the post office site for EMS and Reguarl Air Mail, SAL and Surface.

Please pay very special attention to the above links for the size, weight and costs of your items. You should be able to get a clear picture of how much it would cost you for shipping after you win the item from yahoo auctions.

We cannot provide you with any shipping estimates unless we receive the items from your sellers. If you would like to know about the shipping estimates, please use the above links to make an estimate before you place your bid.


Order Arrival Time

Option Location and Arrival time (timing is in Business Days)


Middle East

North, Central


South America







Economy Air Mail








All EMS packages are insured against loss and damage and can be tracked through a tracking number. EMS is insured only upto the amount mentioned on the shipping invoice. You will receive the exact amount mentioned on the invoice for the damage or loss of your items.


Economy Air Mail

Economy Air Mail is less expensive than airmail and much faster than surface mail. Its not insured and therefore we will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of the package. For customers information, Japanese airmail operated by Japan Post is extremely reliable and if the Post Office of your reliable, then you can save alot more by using Economy Airmail. It will just take a few days longer than Express Mail.


SAL or Surface Air Lifter or Small Packet shipping from Japan

This is supposed to be the cheapest way to ship smaller packets under 2 kg of weight from Japan. Please look at the weight and pricing here. This is the most economical way to ship from Japan. Please check out the link and make your own decision.


Size and Weight Limits

Have a look for the box size and weight limits at the post office site. There are size and weight limits. These limits varies fom country to country. For a geneal idea, please ask us or check out with your local post office about the weight and size limits from Japan. Here is a link from Japan Post regarding the box sizes limits.†

For USA, the box weight limit is 30 kg and box size limit is 2.75 meters for all sides or 1.05 meters in length. This means that your items must never be longer than 1.05 meters and heavier than 30 kg. Anything longer and heavier is not shippable.†

Australia and New Zealand seem to have 20 kg box size limits. Please ask us if you are concerned about the weight limits.


Shipping Limitations on Car Parts

Australia and New Zealand have the 20 kg limitation and this prohibits the their residents from bidding on a large number of items. Besides, we cannot help you on any large and heavy items such as engines, doors, visors, hoods and even some wheel rims with tires. There are also seperate hanlding fees for car parts. Please check out our link for car parts. Please keep in mind that car parts require alot more labor time, extra packing and space and there is an extra handling fee for that. Check the car parts for more details.


Your own shipping or freight forwarding company

If you are able to make your own arrangements for shipping larger parts, please let us know and we will try to coordinate with your freight forwarders for your larger items.


Adult Items

Adult items can only be purchased by customers 18 years of age or older. International customers - who are concerned about customs problems resulting for the importation of adult material, can request that the box covers or cover pages and other suggestive material be removed prior to shipment. A nominal fee of $1.00 per item will be charged for this service. These services must be requested at the time of your order. We are not responsible nor will credit be issued for any items that are seized by customs.

PLEASE READ THIS:†If item(s) are lost, damaged or any other situation that may crop up, please make a claim to your shipping service and get something in writing from them. Then inform us about the situation as soon as possible. We will try to help if we can but we are not making any promises, whether explicitly or implicitly.†

Mailorderjapan is not responsible for any kind of loss or damage to your items.


What to do if you don't receive a package?

The post office considers that its "normal" for a package to take up to 30 days and they won't start a search before that time. If you havenít received your package after 30 days, please e-mail us and we will ask the post office to track it.



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