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Japanese Market Entry

Japan offers one of the richest markets in the world with a very high individual disposable income. Japanese customers are famous for their shopping habits and payments for unique and high quality products. If you think you have the right items to sell to the Japanese market but do not have the resources to hire/train/rent Japanese facilities, MOJ is your partner in introducing your items to the Japanese market. Whether you are a business entity interested in introducing your products to Japan or a seller of collectors items, MOJ team will meet your needs.

Before we can post your items to the Japanese market on Yahoo Japan Auctions, please send us your business plan. Once we agree on the terms of service, we will start working together as a team in introducing your products to the Japanese market. We would need the following information

  1. A nice image of your items
  2. An attractive title
  3. A brief one paragraph description
  4. Your pricing structure for the items including minimum bid price.

Our Job would include the following

  1. We will do a professional translation of your items into Japanese
  2. List the auction on Yahoo Japan Auctions and take care of all communication
  3. Collect payments for all of your selling auctions
  4. Prepare shipment to your customers.
  5. Prepare weekly/monthly reports, based our agreement.


Our Fee Structure for Selling on Yahoo Japan Auctions

We will charge you a flat rate of Yen 1000 per auction plus 18% of the final value fee. This 18% includes all Yahoo Japan Auctions 5% final value charges as well. There are no additional charges. If we have to resell the same item again and again, then the flat rate is 500 yen per auction plus 18% final value fee. 

If you are a regular buyer on Japanese Auctions, we can transfer your selling funds to the buying funds accounts without any problems. That would save you all the remittance charges, paypal charges, exchange rate conversion charges etc. We can make biweekly or monthly IPMO, Paypal or bank wire transfers to you


Prohibited Items

All items prohibited by Yahoo Japan Auctions are not allowed to be sold to the Japanese market. Also, you must not send any items that are dangerous to ship from you to us and from us to the customers. 

If you have any questions, please talk to us live at a designated time on the online live messengers.



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Car Dismantling

Car Dismantling Services and Facilities

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