Shipment Services

Whether your business require a full container shipment for FCL from Japan or a Less container shipment or LCL, we cover them all. We handle all the paper work from Japan side. We have been arranging both 20 feet and 40feet containers for a variety of products, mostly related to video games machines, full car containers and containers for front clips of cars and car parts.

We offer reasonable rates for storage and container loading services. Please Contact Us for more details and negotiations.

LCL – Less Container Load, LCL shipping from Japan is a good way to ship large orders and items that are large or heavy. LCL shipping is based primarily on volume with a minimum shipment volume of one cubic meter. The biggest issue with LCL is that you will be sharing your space with others. So, if the items are not properly/solidly packed, there is a chance that your items may get damaged. As an important you should be aware thaty our items can withstand mishandling while they are moved from Japan to your home town.

Containers for Car PartsBuying From Websites and Shops

Once all cars have been acquired from auctions in Japan or through us, our experienced staff will dismantle all your cars for spare parts into 20 or 40 feet containers. We have the facilities and staff for loading 20 and 40 feet containers.

A 20feet container can hold around 6 car cuts along with remaining parts and wheels from the 6 cars. With careful organizing of the 6 cars, we are able to put some more parts into the container as well. A 40feet container can hold up to 18 cars along with the parts from the rear cut and wheels.

As soon as the container leaves Japan, the payment in full must be settled. Once we have confirmation of payment from you, the container documents will be released to you. You will be able to clear up your container from your local port. You will need a local agent for clearance service..

NOTE: We do not take any responsibility for issues that may prop up due to local laws and rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be fully aware of the local duties and taxes in accordance with the local rules and regulations.


Japanese Used Cars Auction houses offer the best cars for your needs. They are dealer to dealer auctions for used cars. We can assist you with your car needs for your personal and business needs. Please check out our car auction services.

Car Dismantling

Car Dismantling Services and Facilities

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Are you searching for a partner from Japan for small and larger shipments? Please check out our Business Partners section for a customized program.