Frequently Asked Questions


How to manage your personal account?

Once you log in to your account and edit your profile, you will be able to use the full system. Almost everything is self explanatory there. When you need to place bids, just click on the place bid tab. If you need to check the status of your items and whether they have arrived in our office or not or whether they have been paid for or not, you just need to click on the tabs up there.

If you think you are done bidding, all you need is to click on the Invoice/Shipping request form. We will get a request from you and we will process your shipment ASAP. Please check shipping section for more details.

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Japanese Used Cars Auction houses offer the best cars for your needs. They are dealer to dealer auctions for used cars. We can assist you with your car needs for your personal and business needs. Please check out our car auction services.

Car Dismantling

Car Dismantling Services and Facilities

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Are you searching for a partner from Japan for small and larger shipments? Please check out our Business Partners section for a customized program.