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Special Shopping Services from Japan

We are located in the center of Japan where we have access to almost everything ďMade in JapanĒ. If you need something special and very Japanese that you cannot get for any reason or cannot find it in your hometown like a Japanese doll, a rare plastic model or a video or a Sony Vaio, or something special and different as a present, please do not hesitate to try our shopping services†
Customers must deposit a per order fee of $10.00 for Shopping Services. This is limited only to the same shop/site/category items. If you are ordering different items with completely different categories even from the same shop/site, you will be requested for an additional fee. One of our customers called this as a FINDER FEE and another one called it an extortion fee. Its up to the customer to make a judgment. But we are sure that they will enjoy the experience with us.†

This deposit will be credited to your order once you order with us. However, if you are requesting for multiple orders and if we are unable to find some of your items, then this fee WILL NOT BE CREDITED to your final invoice. Please have a look at our payments section for the deposit. There are no exceptions to this rule unless you are our business partner. If you donít order with us the $10.00 will be kept and not returned to help cover our costs†

Unfortunately, due to the large number of inquiries and customers, we require this $10.00 non-refundable deposit for this service to differentiate the not very serious inquiries from our legitimate customers. In case the customer says we are not interested despite our best efforts, the $10.00 will cover for some of our administrative costs. If you have been using our Yahoo Japan Auctions services, we would be happy to help you with your needs. There is no charge for this service for our Yahoo Japan Auctions customers.†

We provide a variety of shopping services to our customers from Japanese shops, websites and Japan Yahoo Auctions. If you are searching for something on Yahoo Japan Auctions, please have a look at our Yahoo Japan Auctions Services Section.

Some of the reasons for these services are:

  1. They can't browse or read Japanese websites and sellers donít speak English

  2. Sellers don't ship their items outside Japan

  3. Sellers donít accept a variety of payment methods

  4. They want particular items from Japan but can't find them in their hometowns or on the web

  5. Buyers donít want to pay the full amount for a product in advance unless they have full information about the product as well as about the seller

  6. They want many things from several shops at the same time and they want to have them shipped at once to save shipping charges


If you decide to use our Shopping Services, please provide us with as much information as possible about the product you want to order. Some useful information would be the correct name of the product, the maker, a picture and a web reference or whatever you know. More detailed information will be exchanged with you by e-mail about the product you wish to order. This is just a suggestion. This information will help us in getting the right product for you. If the product is available in the Japanese market, we will inform you about the product as well as its price and all other details by email. If you are interested after we provide you with the information, you can order the product from us


Fees for Shopping ServicesBuying From Websites and Shops

The minimum fee for shopping services is $20 per item per seller or $5 per item plus our Yahoo Auction Services Fees, whichever is greater. If you are ordering many items from the same seller that requires the same amount of communication, we will charge you $20 for the first item and 10% for the remaining items. The customer is required to pay for all the expenses like local and international shipping, a bank transfer fee etc. Please check our fees section for details.


Shipping for Shopping ServicesBuying From Websites and Shops

Please check the above link for shipping info involved. For Shopping Services, we use EMS as our preferred method of shipping.

If you still think you have questions, please contact us



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Car Dismantling

Car Dismantling Services and Facilities

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