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Translation Help

W Before going into too much details of how to translate Yahoo Japan Auctions, Google has now a very good translation system built. Its as good as any other system from old times. Here is the google link for using the translation software. We are also adding other translation options here that may help, just in case one is down for some reason. 

We recommend two translation sites to help you translate auctions. These translations systems provide enough help to get you through the Yahoo Japan Auctions process. You should be able to get the meaning from the translation. For example, if you look at the “Note” on the right side, you will see a number of mistakes. But the English makes perfect sense. Note that some translation sites may accidentally change the auction item number, always DOUBLE CHECK! 

Following is a translation of a real Japan Yahoo Auction for a Sony Vaio By Babelfish


OCN Translation toolBuying From Websites and Shops

OCN Translation tool at 

The OCN Japanese to English translation site is very helpful. Even though it’s in Japanese, it’s easy to use. The advantage of using OCN is that you can continue to surf all of Yahoo Japan Auctions after the 3rd step and the pages will be rendered in English. Follow the 3 simple steps in the picture below:


AltaVista BabelfishBuying From Websites and Shops

AltaVista Babelfish at 

Babelfish is quite popular, almost similar to OCN but it’s entirely in English. As below, enter the URL, choose “Japanese to English” and click translate and you’ll be browsing everything in English



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