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Yahoo Japan Auctions is the biggest car parts source in Japan for cars Made in Japan. Small parts can be shipped easily by the regular postal system. However, larger parts are difficult to ship and some countries have very strick rules for shipping and handling larger car parts.

If you need to get car parts from Japan on a large scale, please talk to us. We are able to arrange less container loads and full container loads. We have the expertise to arrange your car parts shipments in containers. If you need car cuts to load, we are able to arrange that as well.

We do not allow bidding on any items that cannot be shipped by the Japan Post except for the US market. These items include car engines, bumpers, hoods, car bodies, car seats and other larger and heavier car parts. Please avoid bidding on these items. If you bid on anything that cannot be shipped, you will be responsible for all expenses. You will surely see shipping cost surprises. Shipping charges could easily reach over a $1,000 for some items. We will also have a bigger handling fee and a penalty fee of $50-$200 depending on the amount of work we have to put.

We have special arrangements with Fedex for our US customers. If you intend to place bids on larger items like aero sets, please talk to us for making arrangments. A full aero set of front and rear bumpers and side skirts will cost about 70,000yen to ship (could be slightly less/more sometimes). A hood will cost about 40,000 to 45,000 yen. An engine will cost about 80,000 to 120,000 yen per engine.

If you are a serious car parts business person, please contact us and discuss your situation with us. We handle all types of car parts including engines, bumpers, hoods/bonnets, wheels with tires, seats, suspensions, exhaust systems etc. We would be very much willing to put extra efforts to get the larger parts to you. Most larger parts can be shipped by sea freight by LCL or FCL (less container loads or full container loads). Usually, if you are not importing a large volume of car parts, its not cost effective to use LCL/FCL. All larger parts mentioned above come with special handling charges.

There is a special handling fee for car parts. Car parts require more packing, space, and labor than usual smaller items like CDs, anime cels, dolls, video games just to name a few. For the extra labor, packing accessories, and space, we charge a handling fee. There is a minimum of $2 handling fee per item for car parts. If your items do not require this type of handling, you will not be paying these handling charges.

Here are some of the handling fee examples for some of the items that require special handling.

Items Handling Fees Box packing
Wheels with tires 1200 yen per wheel Shipped singles/pairs
Wheels without tires 1000 yen per wheel Shipped singles/pairs
Suspensions 2000 yen for 4 pieces Shipped in one box
Suspensions 1000 yen for 2 pieces Shipped in one box
Mufflers 2000 yen per set Shipped in 1-2 boxes
Radiators 800 yen per piece Shipped in one box
Fragile Headlights 500 yen per set Shipped in one box
All other lights 100-300 yen per set All items are combined
Others (fragile/heavy items) varies per box prepared by MOJ All items are combined
Others (smaller items) varies per box prepared by MOJ All items are combined
  Larger Items
Bumpers 7500 yen Per bumper single
Hoods 7000 yen per hood single
Seats / side skirts 4000 yen seat single or pairs
Engines 20,000 yen per engine plus crating charges Single-crated
Other Larger Parts Negotiable Negotiable

If your item is more/less demanding for packing and packing materials, we might charge a different handling fee. If you are not sure about the shipping of something, contact us and we will try to come up with a solution.

You pay the actual shipping cost, whatever it is. If your shipping cost is Yen2,000, you pay Yen2,000 and if its Yen20,000, you pay Yen20,000.

US Customers:

For the US for SAL and Ocean shipping, weight limit is 30kg. Box length limit is 1.05 meters with a total of 2 meters for the length, width and height of the box. The EMS weight limit is 30kg. Box length limit is 1.5 meters with a maximum of 2.75 meters combined for length, width and height of the box. Wheels with tires are not allowed to the US. All tires must be approved by the US DOT.

Australia and New Zealand Customers:

Both these countries have very strict International shipping rules. We cannot ship anything more than 20 kg. This includes wheels with tires as well. Please contact us for more options. Wheels without tires can be shipped without any problem since they weigh around 15kg. We can arrange to remove tires from wheels for a fee from a local tire shop. They charge about 1000-1500 yen per tire. If that fee is ok with you, please talk to us prior to making the bid so that we can make arrangements on time.

Other Countries:

Many of the other countries have a 30kg limit with a 3 meter box size. However, there are still some countries that have box size and weight limitations. Please contact us before you place your bids.


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